Phát hành: 2021 Thể loại: US-UK

Tải nhạc hình Symphony (Live)

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Lời bài hát Symphony (Live)

1. I don't know what I'm supposed to say
When now suddenly you feel so far away
And you're not prepared to talk
And if you're now afraid to listen
Then I don't want to do this anymore.

Oh I don't know which way that I should turn
Seems the more we love
The more we have to learn
And I keep staring into space
Like it somehow has the answer
So don't let the music end
Oh my darling.

It's gone quiet around us now
How I wish you would hold me
And that you never told me
That it's better if you leave
Look at the sun
We're starting to lose all of the light
Where we once burnt so brightly
Tell me we might be
Throwing it away.

2. Well you don't know what you've got

Until it's gone
But then nothing ever hurt like holding on
I am scared and unprepared
And I feel like I am falling
So can you tell me
Where did we go wrong?


* If everything is broken
Then it's better that we give up
And remember how we once had
Something beautiful.

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