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Tải nhạc Oah Mp3

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Lời bài hát Oah

Singing Oah
I love you Moa
You're way too young for me
But I don't mind.

1. Never mind what your girlfriends say
Deep inside I'm quite okay
I may have fooled around once or twice
But I really need you.

And it's not like I'm the only guy
Oh, I know how you make them cry
So let's start by being friends
And let this friendship never end.

I knew you years ago
What I want
I don't know
But let's just say it's love!

Singing Oah
I love you Moa
You're way too young for me
But I don't mind
Don't say maybe
Just be my lady
No need to hesitate
Cuz you'll be fine.

2. So tell me what I want to hear
No wait, lets just leave it there

You know I'm not good for you
God I don't now what to do!

I liked you from the start
You melt my icy heart
And now it's burning hot.

Don't throw away
Of what's left to me
I once believed you would save my soul
But if you saw me now
Crying secretly
Would you hold my hand and never let it go?

[Chorus x2]
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