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Forever In Love

- Kenny G
Phát hành: 2018 Thể Loại: Blues/Jazz

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[ti:Forever In Love]
[al:Here We Come]

Ben: Love leads to laughter
Love leads to pain
With you by my side
I feel good times again

Mark :Never had i felt
These feelings before
You showed me the world
How could i ask for more

Christian And although theres confusion
Well find a solution
To keep my heart close to you

Paul :And i know yes i know
If you hold me believe me
Ill never never ever leave

All: And i know
There is nothing that i would
Not do for you
Forever be true
And i know
Although times can be hard
We will see it through
Im forever in love with you

Ben: Show me affection
In all different ways
Give you my heart
For the rest of my days

Mark :With you all my troubles
Are left far behind
Like heaven on earth
When i look in your eyes

Christian: No need to cry
Ill be right by your side

All Right by your side

Paul :Lets take our time
Love wont run dry
If you hold me believe me
Ill never never ever leave
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